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Clothing Brand Tips: Buying Wholesale & Graphics

We're going to touch base on buying at wholesale and the importance of appealing creative graphics for your t-shirts or other products.


When starting a clothing brand, the biggest step you can take at becoming legit is being able to purchase resellable items... i.e t-shirts at wholesale cost. Buying at "Wholesale" means you get to purchase items at a wholesale discounted rate compared to buying at normal "Retail" cost. Wholesale means you're buying in bulk and because you're buying in large quantities you receive a significant discount. "Retail" is what a shop would sell your product at or what you pay at the store every time you make a purchase.

How are you able to buy at "Wholesale"? You have to register your business with your state and the IRS. You'll usually receive a sellers permit or resale certificate and receive a "Tax I.D" number from the IRS. At that point, you're a registered dealer and can sign up as a wholesale account with a manufacturing company. Once registered with your apparel manufacturer you can begin to make purchases at wholesale. Generally, you'll notice a significant price drop in cost per unit or item.

"Appealing T-shirt Graphics"

When it comes to starting a clothing brand you better invest a large amount of time in coming up with killer logos & graphics. That's what sells the shirt more than anything... the art. Having a good buddy who's a graphic artist is always helpful but learning Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator isn't that hard either. There are tons of free videos on Youtube to learn what you need to know to create your own graphics. If you're more business-minded and lacking a bit in the creative art direction you can always find a graphic artist to do the work for you.

We're lucky enough to be able to do most of our stuff in house. But we're never against outside artwork. We love collaborating and working with others. But in the interest of cost-effectiveness, we recommend doing your own graphics in house at the start. Unless you're already balling, then go for it. When it comes to graphics we take a simplistic traditional approach. We're known for our 1-2 color graphics with a front and back print. You want to be original and create your own style for your brand. Keep in mind you're not just a company, you're telling a story, a lifestyle. As an apparel brand, your graphics and logos will be what you're most known for. We try to walk the line of edgy, funny and convey a message in most of our graphics. There's almost always a deeper or double meaning to the majority of our artwork.

With that said, I hope that gives you some direction in starting your venture. Make sure to check back in regularly or subscribe to our email list at the bottom of the page to receive updates and notifications on the latest posts.

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