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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Photo: Mike Edwards

Proud to be skater owned and operated, founder Nick Murphy and co-owner Pearson Caster both have an extensive background in the Surf/Skate Industry. Nick rode for and worked at USS Catalyst in Orlando, FL and then spent some time at Team Pain Skateparks, a skatepark design and build company based in Winter Spring, FL.

USS Catalyst is where Nick and Pearson crossed paths for the first time during Surf Expo around 2011. Which led to the eventual joint effort after a couple years. Between Pearson’s experience in the surf/skate industry working at USS Catalyst, …Lost , then Volcom and Nick’s 20 plus years as a skateboarder, the eventual partnership seemed to make sense, being official in late 2015.

Both are experienced graphic designers and contribute to the majority of the art work found on most the tees and merchandise produced. They wanted to do something that was core and independent. With the slogan,"Support Local Dealers", highlighting the importance of supporting small business in a world of corporate giants, they're aiming to leave their mark and break through in a highly competitive industry.

Since then they've expanded their reach to Long Beach, CA. Being carried at both East 4th Skate and The Hangout in Long Beach’s Retro Row District. As well as multiple skate shops across Florida. For more shops in Florida and California click here.

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